Brendan Chisholm is the founding member of BKC Holding, LLC. A private equity real estate firm focused on acquiring distressed and value-add multifamily and mixed-use communities with asymmetric risk-return profiles.


  • Real Estate Investor
  • Host of the Value Add Real Estate Show
  • President of BKC Holding

There are so many ways we can partner! We can pay you for finding deals, we can do joint ventures, you can become our equity partner by investing in our large multifamily syndications with BKC Holding, LLC.

BKC Holding, LLC is Brendan’s commercial real estate company. His current portfolio includes 124 units, with just under $20mm of assets under management. Go to our other website to learn more about the opportunities available on the multifamily side of our business

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Brendan has made multiple podcast appearances with high profile real estate professionals, coaches, authors and thought leaders to share his insights to their listeners that is both educational and inspirational.

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