March 2020

I have been contemplating for the past couple weeks of what type of content I wanted to publish capturing the journey of acquiring 50 apartment units. My first thought centered on how I have implemented new marketing tactics such as Sly Broadcast (Ringless Voicemail) and Email campaigns. Another was outreach to prior leads. I thought to myself that all those topics can be for any other time. I knew I wanted to keep the post relevant to the time we are in. I posted an article last month on how I started to move forward during COVID-19. I thought I would keep this short and continue my thoughts on this experience for March as well.

March was supposed to be our first month that both of us were full time working parents. My wife returned from maternity leave in February, and I took paternity leave in February. Our plans were to have our son in day care, and the two return to the office. Like a lot of parents, we are finding a fine balance between our parental duties and our jobs. Our preconceived notion of the nine to five has evolved. Taking conference calls while feeding, entertaining, and soothing are our new norm. However, it is not detracting from our productivity.

The two of us are adapting and balancing our duties to ensure we find opportunities in work and improve ourselves. I will not keep rambling. I will make sure that I have relevant content for the next post.

Stay Safe!