Putting It All Into Perspective – February 2020 Update

As I write this, Global business is effectively grounded.  The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero. Social distancing, stock market circuit breakers, and self-quarantining are becoming part of our daily lives. I will not let the events of yesterday, today, or tomorrow change my disposition. I am blessed in so many ways. I want to take this time to reflect on what truly matters during my time in February and now spilling into March. I will impart upon whoever reads this how I plan to move forward from here.

I have my health, I have a supportive and loving family, a roof over my head, I can put food on the dinner table, and I have wonderful job. I am a son, husband, friend, colleague, and proudest to say father to a healthy six-month-old boy. Throughout the entire month of February, I was on paternity leave. I was beyond fortunate to spend every waking second in February with him. I am truly grateful! Once my paternity leave ended, I went back to the office for a week and a half. I am now on week two of working from home. Now, I happily get to spend my workday with him and my wife. The view from my desk is my son in his Finding Nemo Bouncer.

Whether we’re looking at properties, cold-calling, deploying new marketing tactics to generate leads, underwriting deals, or having the ability to watch the morning shows without rushing through our normal routines, one thing is certain.  Everything is different.  That isn’t such a bad thing.  Different times allow us to choose to behave, and go about life, in a different way.  These past couple months have shown me that. I’m often so preoccupied with the phone in my hand, two or three monitors in front of me, attempting to close deals, that looking up and seeing my son smile, watch the sun rise, or sunset is something I take for granted.  I know this may sound over the top.  Bear with me. 

Paternity leave and now COVID-19 has given me a choice, and I am taking it.  I’m choosing to be aware of life around me, and to embrace the situation that has been presented.  I challenge everyone who reads this to do so as well. 

I will practice patience.

I will be a source of encouragement.

I will be a teacher.

I will provide the necessities of life.

I will continue to strive to be the best version of myself.

When we get out of our normal routines something magical can occur.  It’s called free thought and creativity. 

Clearly there are tasks that we’ll all need to complete, and a new type of focus we’ll all need to find, while we look to continue to drive the health of ourselves and our businesses.  That goes without saying.  Before you know it, we will be into a new version of “business as usual”, and this virus will be in the rearview.  We may not have this opportunity to create a bit of difference in our lives again.  I hope you look up and away from your phone and computer screen get a chance to maybe enjoy this time, as scary and different as it might seem to be.