June 2020 – Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loan

I wanted to use this month’s blog to stray a little bit away from the apartment investment content. This month, I will focus on residential real estate. A goal of my wife and I was to find a new home. In particular, we wanted to find a fixer upper.  We set out to find a… Read more »

May 2020

I have been blogging about acquiring 50 rental units in 2020. I have about written about the journey through vetting deals, building a lead funnel, and even discuss some of the negotiations. So, this past month, I decided to take a new approach to refresh and re-evaluate on what I need to do to achieve… Read more »

April 2020

The past couple newsletters have been about my experience in our new normal. All of us are finding ways to adapt. I set out at the beginning of 2020 to acquire 50 rental units. I am still pushing towards that goal. So, I thought I would ramble about the deals that have come across my… Read more »

March 2020

I have been contemplating for the past couple weeks of what type of content I wanted to publish capturing the journey of acquiring 50 apartment units. My first thought centered on how I have implemented new marketing tactics such as Sly Broadcast (Ringless Voicemail) and Email campaigns. Another was outreach to prior leads. I thought… Read more »

Putting It All Into Perspective – February 2020 Update

As I write this, Global business is effectively grounded.  The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero. Social distancing, stock market circuit breakers, and self-quarantining are becoming part of our daily lives. I will not let the events of yesterday, today, or tomorrow change my disposition. I am blessed in so many ways. I want… Read more »

What I learned from my first unsuccessful apartment closing

Since the end of 2018, I have been fully immersed into learning the ins and outs of apartment investing. I have consumed vast amounts of content ranging from books, periodicals, newsletters, while also listening to over 1000’s of hours of podcasts and webinars. I have been to seminars, joined mastermind groups, and can confidently say… Read more »