November: Real Estate Election Brief

2020 Election Brief With two weeks to go until Election Day, I thought I share insight on where President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden stand on their real estate / housing policies. Below are two key issues for each candidate, and a brief overview of the key points covered to explain them… Read more »

October 2020: Deciding to rent or sell

In the Summer of 2016, my wife and I made our first real estate purchase. We bought a 2 bedroom / 2-bathroom condominium in a Northeast city’s downtown area. When we initially bought the condo, we had all intentions of renting it eventually. Fast forward to 2020, we are almost ready to move into our new… Read more »

June 2020 – Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loan

I wanted to use this month’s blog to stray a little bit away from the apartment investment content. This month, I will focus on residential real estate. A goal of my wife and I was to find a new home. In particular, we wanted to find a fixer upper.  We set out to find a… Read more »

May 2020

I have been blogging about acquiring 50 rental units in 2020. I have about written about the journey through vetting deals, building a lead funnel, and even discuss some of the negotiations. So, this past month, I decided to take a new approach to refresh and re-evaluate on what I need to do to achieve… Read more »

April 2020

The past couple newsletters have been about my experience in our new normal. All of us are finding ways to adapt. I set out at the beginning of 2020 to acquire 50 rental units. I am still pushing towards that goal. So, I thought I would ramble about the deals that have come across my… Read more »

March 2020

I have been contemplating for the past couple weeks of what type of content I wanted to publish capturing the journey of acquiring 50 apartment units. My first thought centered on how I have implemented new marketing tactics such as Sly Broadcast (Ringless Voicemail) and Email campaigns. Another was outreach to prior leads. I thought… Read more »

Putting It All Into Perspective – February 2020 Update

As I write this, Global business is effectively grounded.  The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero. Social distancing, stock market circuit breakers, and self-quarantining are becoming part of our daily lives. I will not let the events of yesterday, today, or tomorrow change my disposition. I am blessed in so many ways. I want… Read more »